Veranstaltung: Smart Mobility – Auf der Suche nach einer europäischen Niederlassung?

Sind Sie auf der Suche nach einer europäischen Niederlassung für Ihr Startup im Bereich Elektroauto, Connected Car und autonomen Auto? Dann könnte die Veranstaltung am 3. Oktober in Palo Alto etwas für Sie sein.

Luxemburg, dieses kleine Land, eingepfercht zwischen Deutschland, Belgien und Frankreich, hat Startups einiges zu bieten. Das Land ist ausgezeichnet in der europäischen Risikokapitalgeberszene vernetzt, verfügt über eine großartige Infrastruktur und viele hochqualifizierte Fachkräfte, und bietet speziell Smart Mobility Startups einzigartigen Zugang zu mehreren grenzübergreifenden Teststrecken, bei denen alles Rechtliche bereits erledigt ist.

Ich kenne mindestens ein San Francisco-basiertes Startup im Raumfahrtsbereich, das in Luxemburg eine Niederlassung eröffnete und viel rascher Zugang zu Venture Capital und Talenten erhielt, als in anderen europäischen Ländern mit denen es in Verhandlung stand.

For world-class innovators working on
clean, connected and autonomous mobility:

Your Business Partner in Smart Mobility

Luxembourg is the perfect location to set up a European office if you are looking to get closer to vehicle development teams in Europe. Leverage attractive investment channels, R&D incentives and bring your business to the next level.

Let’s talk

Do you want to know more about what Luxembourg has to offer in R&D, cross border relations and technology networks? Great! We are coming to California in early October and would love to meet you. During the event we will address hot topics such as market opportunities in the European Mobility industry, R&D partnerships in Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Greater region, R&D funding, and the Luxembourg offering in Private Equity and VC.

Why is Luxembourg the ideal location to establish a European headquarter?

There are many good reasons to come to Luxembourg.

  • Located in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg fosters an environment of openness, creativity, innovation and cutting-edge technologies. It is the perfect place to run a European business from just one location, with the appropriate international business culture and broad language skills needed.
  • Luxembourg relies on a highly performant IT infrastructure to fuel a data driven, circular and sustainable economy. The government focuses on attracting top talent and supporting companies to bring the next generation products to market. Luxembourg is ranked as the third most globalized economy and second of the most business-friendly countries in the world.
  • Last but not least, Luxembourg is a great place to live, offering an outstanding quality of life with a truly multi-national and multicultural environment made up of 189 nationalities speaking 83 different languages.

International R&D environment

Smart Mobility is a key focus area and Luxembourg is the ideal setting for adjusting your products and services to the expectations of the European market. We offer dedicated infrastructures for development, testing and validation of forward-looking mobility solutions, including our digital cross-border test bed in collaboration with France and Germany.

Save the Date!

3 October 2018 afternoon, Palo Alto (venue TBD).
We would love to meet you.
You want to register to the event? Click here.

If you can’t make it but would still like to meet us, please contact our experts at the Luxembourg Trade and Investment Office in San Francisco. Click here.

We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

LuxInnovation.jpg Joost Ortjens
Head of Sector Development – Automotive
T +352 43 62 63 – 653 | M + 352 621 139 474

Organized by Luxinnovation, in close cooperation with the Luxembourg Trade & Investment office in San Francisco and Enterprise Garage.
Luxinnovation contributes to the economic development of Luxembourg supported by: Ministry of the Economy, Ministry for Higher Education and Research, Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, Luxembourg Chamber of Skilled Crafts and FEDIL – The Voice of Luxembourg’s Industry.


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